What’s in this blog?

November 23, 2011

Nobody knows yet.  It will depend how it works out.  We hope it’ll be full of different things: facts, figures, fiction, science, poetry, news, comments, questions. Pictures will go in the gallery, but info about them may come here.

What kind of facts: how many Skyspaces there are, and where are they, and how can we get to see them?

What kind of figures: what is the temperature produced by the inseat heating? How much does it cost to maintain these simple creations?

Fiction: ah well, so far we’ve got accounts of visits, but whether they are really fiction….. No, they’re not, so help us, please. Someone talked about imagining a spaceman/angel coming down through the hole – there’s a start, or perhaps you can think of a better one.

Science: just dying to write a piece called ‘Turrell, physics and me’…that may be the first.

Poetry: we’ve got the haiku used in the film, and maybe some others and a lovely poem by Lucy Partington, written long before the Yorkshire Skyspace was thought of.

News: any events or visits which can be shared.

Comments, Questions and Contributions: up to you.  But how about, what is the point of building a Skyspace?

Which direction shall we follow?

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