April 2012 – Dawn’s March 31st

April 12, 2012

Meditative Knitting
The blanket and I went off to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park this afternoon to take part in the Sit in Peace event which was being held to coincide with the big Sit in Peace event in Trafalgar Square with the author, poet, and peace activist Thich Nhat Hanh. We were using the Deer Shelter which has been converted to be a Skyspace. Basically it’s a large room with seats around the edge and a large hole in the roof so you can focus on the sky. It’s an amazing place to just sit and ‘be’ or to meditate or even to run around and explore more physically, although that’s probably not advisable when there are a lot of people trying to sit quietly.People also gathered outside the Deer Shelter and I chose to sit on the grass opposite two beautiful trees and used the space they framed as my own personal Skyspace. It was wonderful to watch the clouds as they darkened and lightened, the occasional patches of blue sky and the odd flash of sunlight as I sat in peace.
I’d chosen to take the blanket as I can knit on it without having to think very much and I find it a very soothing item to knit (well most of the time – sometimes I get frustrated and fed up!) It really helps me to calm down and focus on just being and during the afternoon among other things I was aware of
the smell of the grass
the noise of the M1 passing the bottom of the park
the feel of the wool and needles in my hands and the way my hands worked the stitches
the two beautiful trees opposite me and the patterns their branches made in the wind
the colour and texture of the blanket. I also thought of the many friends who’ve given me wool for the blanket
my breath and the way my body relaxed into the knitting
the laughter and chat of people who were visiting the Park
the smell of the outdoors and how fresh and clean it made me feel
the occasional aeroplane as it passed overhead, both the noise and the silver flashes of it in the sun
the songs of many different types of birds
the shape and colours of the different clouds
the joy of small children as they stopped ‘being quiet’ and ran around. 2 of them loved finding different colours in my blanket and spotting matching squares
the noise of the sheep and their very new lambs
I also felt very connected to the people who were sat in silence around me and also those in other parts of the UK who were also Sat in Peace

And afterwards a group of us sat in the cafe and made up for a couple of hours of silence! And so that they didn’t feel left out I did a few rows of the amazing stripy socks which I really will get round to photographing at some point.

But you can see the blanket in the Sit-in-Peace Gallery.

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