June 28, 2012

Skyspace (Yorkshire Sculpture Park)

Mary Rowlands

Brick archways, rock hewn walls
lead into a light-filled space
an empty room, concreted, tall and square.
We sit and wait.

We look around. Slowly our eyes rise up
our heads tilt back.
The ceiling has a central gap;
beyond and through it – sky.

Focussing through that square hole –
that patch of blue, those drifting clouds –
after five minutes we are farther out
from resting bodies. Deeper, after ten,
probing into far space
into infinity.

Not the wide horizontal sky, but bounded
by edges, so that concentrated gaze
is channeled and soars outward.
Our hearts are pulled towards a point invisible
towards a stillness.

Slowly comes return.
Dropping our eyes, stretching our necks,
we feel the earth at foot;
filled now with peace

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