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August 30, 2013

Earlier this year we ran another ‘sitting at sunset’ event in the Deer Shelter Skyspace – no sun, no sunset, but gloom, pouring rain and mud. Nevertheless, the aperture did its stuff perfectly, and it was a great experience.

Our next event is going to be a study afternoon on March 22 2014, swiftly followed by a ‘sitting at sunset’. The dark comes early in March. This session is going to be really interesting with excellent speakers and is already trailed on the events page of the website (click here).

So the website is going to be geared to this event. We’re stepping up the quality of the blog and making it more regular (it could hardly be less!), and will be dipping in and out of some of the material which will come up on the study day; this will be all about Turrell’s art, light art and land art, interpretations of these and how these connect for Quakers. Anyone who is interested will be invited to join in and contribute to the blog.

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We hope you will help us to make this new revived blog interesting. The aim is to start exploring some of the material which may come up in the study session next March. There will be three themes which will each be followed for a month at a time, and then repeated.

  • · Experience in/at/of Skyspaces
  • · Interpreting Skyspaces and light art
  • · Our response to art, as humans or Quakers

The weekly blog will not be long, so contributions may be edited or spread across more than one week. We invite contributions of all kinds and pictures may be possible. If you would like to offer something, please email susan@goinsidetogreetthelight.com and tell us whether this is a twinkle in your eye or ready to go, so that we can start planning.


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