The Deer Shelter Skyspace

Welcome to our Skyspace site, where Turrell’s square space opens to the ‘maritime sky’. ‘The softness of the light you find here is extraordinary. Britain has a maritime climate: this is an island in the sea. There’s moisture in the air, so you have a really soft light, and it’s often very variegated as well, with lighting events that come from openings in the clouds…..’ (JT)

Messages out of the Blue: Interpreting a Skyspace.  We are now ready to guide you to see and hear all the contributions to this highly successful event: links to all the items are on the events page.

You can see the film online.  We have run out of stock of the DVD and we shall not print it again, but Yorkshire Sculpture Park may have some copies in their shop.  There’s more information about the film here.  The film is currently showing as part of The Long Museum’s Turrell retrospective ‘James Turrell: Immersive Light‘ in Shanghai (until 21 May 2017).

We have a Gallery of the images shown on 22 March 2014 with Messages out of the Blue.

We are not actively pursuing new projects, but we hope you enjoy our introduction to James Turrell’s Skyspace work and in particular to the Deer Shelter Skyspace at Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park Skyspace

skyspaceBeen to a Skyspace? If you have then we are here to help you to distill and develop your memories. If you haven’t then we’ll try and entice you to greet the light, somewhere, even in front of your screen.  Click here to see the galleries to start…

Skyspaces are special places, but the light that they focus and reveal is everywhere for all of us. This site is about finding and sharing light and its revelations, in creative art and everyday life – bouncing and reflecting links between light, our eyes and each other.

To start with we were just fans, but then, with Yorkshire Sculpture Park, we made a little film to share the wowness.  And it does communicate the wowness, quite quietly …  Making the film intensified the experience of the Skyspace for us, and we want to keep on sharing that with you.  It’s travelled to Australia, Europe, and the USA.



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