Space under the Sky

September 27, 2013

Space under the sky


Winter light on the wall Winter light on the wall


Booking has now opened for Messages out of the Blue: Interpreting Turrell’s Skyspaces.  This message  has to be synchronised with the other publicity in various places, so that no-one is disappointed and led up a dead end.


? a dead end ? a dead end


The half day seminar/colloquium/what you will is now being advertised on the YSP website, on this website, and in the Friend long lasting 2013 issue.   You can find more information on our events page click here, on the YSP page click here, and below in this blog.  When you have digested at least some of that you can click through to the YSP booking page click here  and reserve your place.

Here, we’ll tell you some things which are not yet in the other media.  The colloquium lasts from  1 o’clock till about 5 o’clock.  Then there will be refreshments and some people will choose to stay on and take part in a ‘sitting at sunset’ session in the Deer Shelter installation.  This should finish after 7 o’clock. (We’ll be a bit more precise about the time nearer the date.)

The  afternoon event will have five speakers and finish with a colloquium in which everyone who wants can take part. Short break for tea midway.  The first speaker is Clare Lilley, Director of Programme at YSP.  Clare curated the original installation of the Deer Shelter Skyspace and researched the material for the official introduction.  Saskia Warren included in her PhD an analysis of audience response in the Skyspace which she will share with us.   Helen Meads will perhaps answer the question of what Turrell’s Quaker grandmother meant when she told him to ‘go inside to greet the light’.  Rhiannon Grant will explore whether Turrell’s expectation of ‘wordless thought’ in the Skyspace chamber is possible, or realistic.  And finally Rowena Loverance, expert in Christian art, and former Trustee of Quakers in Britain, will place the installation in the context of Quaker traditions regarding art and architecture.  This may explain why the decision was taken not to put a Turrell installation into the existing Quaker building in London.   The final colloquium will share contributions between the speakers and the audience.  Gil Skidmore is going to facilitate this and make sure everyone who wants to can add something.    Tea and refreshments will follow and, thus strengthened, those who wish can take the trip over the grass to watch the change of light at dusk in the Skyspace.  This is not dependent on the weather, (unless there’s a blizzard )

Practical arrangements about mobility assistance will be sorted out with you after booking.


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We are expecting people to come from much further afield than Yorkshire.  Once you have booked we will offer you information about travel (easiest from Wakefield Station ) and accommodation,  if you need it.

And  other linked happenings are due on the same day in the same place.  The Northern branch of Quaker Arts Network is planning an inaugural  get together  in the morning, before some of them join the afternoon event.  In a little while you will find details about this on their website click here






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Caroline Coode September 28, 2013 at 9:00 am

Just to clarify –
This event is being advertised nationally through Quaker Arts Network and it is hoped that members will be coming from other places as well as NE


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