Light and ….snow

January 2, 2014

Light and….snow   

We’ve always wondered what happens when it snows on Yorkshire ground at the Deer Shelter Skyspace.  Though quite a few people think there is some kind of transparent lid in the Skyspace – there isn’t.  And whatever comes out of the maritime sky comes into the Skyspace : leaves, wind, rain, bird dirt.  You can see the marks left by the year round rain on the floor, a rather neat square like the edges of a carpet.  Why is the marking not as heavy across the whole of the square?  Are the lines where the drips fall?

 IMG_2498 winter square on summer floor small







So if the snow comes, does it make a pile, or a square tower, in the centre or does it drift with the wind into the edges?  One day we will find out, but that is a task for staff. Snow brings out the safety regulations and shuts the gate and the entrances to the public.  On the other hand heavy rain is a common feature and will not stop the sitting at the end of the event on March 22.  The reflections in the puddles may be there too.

IMG_2160 blue shining square in the puddles - small







But now that the Skyspace in Chestnut Hill Friends Meeting House, Philadelphia, has been opened we learn that snow can be a real problem to the programme of opening to the public.  Sittings in the morning and evening are well booked but they have had to post this notice

Always check the weather forecast!

We do not open the Skyspace if rain, snow or sleet are actively falling, or if precipitation is likely at the time of an opening. Ice on the rails that support the movable roof can also be a problem even if the sky is clear. Therefore, please check a Philadelphia weather forecast before coming. If you have made a reservation on our website, you will receive an email announcing a cancellation as soon as we determine that we should cancel it

It looks as if snow stopped play at least twice in December, and now they are reducing the frequency of sittings till April and better weather.  Was this in the business plan?  You can read much more on their Facebook page here , or in this newspaper article here




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