Messages out of the Blue

March 30, 2014

Here are  Sarah Coulson and Saskia Warren, the first two speakers on March 22, in dialogue with a participant.
 Most of the participants sending feedback have told us Messages out of the Blue: Interpreting a Skyspace  was a really good occasion. ( Negative feedback is being attended to.) Our intention is put items from the day online as soon as we can, but it may take a little while.  We will include the spoken contributions and some visual ones, images   and pieces shown on the day, and also taken on the day.  We’ll tell you when this happens using this blog, so sign up for it on the front page of the site if you want to make no further effort, and we’ll tell you on the Facebook page, if that is one of your habits.
Here is one account of the last stage of the event, which 30 people went to. If you were there did not have one of these places and would like to go to the next Sitting at Sunset event on May 17, please get in touch with Yorkshire Sculpture Park Remind them that you were there on March 22 and they will give you a free place. But if you want to take friends who were not there on March 22 I’m afraid you’ll have to pay £5 for them.  Read this account and see if you want to go.
I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the day on Saturday at YSP
We went to the deer shelter to watch the light fade and it was truly a great experience.  I became mesmerised by the blue square which seemed to come downwards as the light faded and the blue deepened.  The memory has lived with me for days after.
It was amazing – there were clouds, then pale blue, then wind and rain, the occasional bird – but when we came out around 7pm the sky looked dark – almost black above – not blue!
I was so glad I could cope with the full day – I guess I was enjoying it all and finding it so interesting.
 And finally, the other speakers, relaxed after appreciation.

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