Last Event – Messages out of the Blue


Messages Out Of The Blue

Interpreting a  Skyspace


 At last!  We’ve uploaded all the material from the Messages out of the Blue conference.  The links are now live.  A click on the name of the speaker will take you to a full recording of their contribution.  The trailer gives a tiny taste of each one. If you want to see everything together on one page, try the album.

[If you know very little about Turrell and his Skyspaces you can start by looking at the 11 minute Go Inside to Greet the Light, click here.]

Messages out of the Blue trailer – trailer – 4 minutes

Sarah Coulson YSP – Skyspace in the Context of Turrell’s Art

Saskia Warren YSP – Deershelter Skyspace: encounters between art, site and audience

Rhiannon GrantWordless Thought: reflections on language and silence

Helen MeadsThe Quaker Meaning of Light (and James Turrell’s work)

Rowena LoveranceWhy Quakers Continue to have Difficulties with the Arts: living with the memory of Solomon Eccles

Panel Discussion

You can also read or download Rhiannon’s and Helen’s papers: Wordless Thought and The Quaker Meaning of Light.

Past events

22 March 2014  Messages out of the Blue: Interpreting a Skyspace

9 March 2013    Simply Sitting at Sunset, in the rain and sleet and mud…

October 2012     Simply Sitting at Sunset, for all, no refreshments.

March 2012        Sit-in-peace, in parallel with Thich Nhat Hanh

October 2009    Simply Sitting at Sunset, for all, with refreshments

October 2008    Simply Sitting at Sunset, for all, including a crawling baby chasing the leaves.

August 2007     Picnic and Quaker Meeting for Worship at sunset

August 2006     Picnic and Quaker Meeting for Worship at sunset


for all


Roden Crater

Despite various rumours it seems pretty clear that Roden Crater is not open to the public yet, so we will not be running a trip to visit it. Meanwhile you can look at its Facebook page if you like. Click here.